2017 National Tripartite Alliance Conference

The 32nd Annual MOST Tripartite Alliance Conference began with a moment of silence for those tragically affected by the horrific shooting that took place in LasVegas.

International President Newton B. Jones saluted Tripartite members for their shared vision and success. He said that while relationships between Owners, Contractors and Boilermakers had once been adversarial and counterproductive, the alliance re-imagined and re-invented those relationships for the benefit of all partners. President Jones then went on to address major pressures on the industry such as environmental rules, shifts in fuel sources and climate change that have impacted the energy markets and man-hours. These changes will require us to seek out new markets and new industries to sustain our workforce.

Participants heard from presenters on topics such as safety, man-hours, CCUS technology, and future job opportunities. They also received updates from working groups which were formed in 2016 to address key issues affecting the industry. Group representatives discussed the formation of a Texas Gulf Coast marketing initiative, the Boilermakers’ recruitment initiative and the adoption of human performance goals.

Please refer to the meeting minutes, conference videos and photo gallery for additional information.

blockquote-imageThe 33rd Annual Conference will take place in Myrtle Beach August 27 – 29, 2018.

2017 Presenters

Ron Traxler, Executive Director, NACBE
Mark Garrett, Safety Representative, MOST
Kim Flowers, Consultant
Stephen R. Lindaur, CEO, TAUC
Shannon Angielski, Executive Director, CURC
Charles A. Jones, Director, Boilermaker History Preservation Dept/SAIP, IBB
J. Michael Snowden, Market President, Labor Banking, Bank of Labor
Tripartite Success Story
Tom Baca, IBB
Herman Seedorf, PBF Energy
Alan J. Black, Construction & Turnaround Services
Jim Cooksey, IBB
Mark Thomas, Local 92

2017 NTA Photo Gallery

Conference Opening

President’s Address

Charles W. Jones Award

The Boilermaker Code Update

MOST Programs Update

2017 Materials

Day 1 Minutes
Day 2 Minutes
Day 3 Minutes