2018 National Tripartite Alliance Conference

International President Newton B. Jones opened the 33rd NTA Conference with the announcement of a major new initiative designed to bring in new members to more fully man owner projects and to expand work opportunities for Boilermakers and signatory contractors. The initiative is called the M.O.R.E. Work Investment Fund. M.O.R.E., an acronym for Marketing, Organizing, Recruitment and Employment, will be funded through member contributions.

Alliance partners also viewed a new video underwritten by the Boilermakers that is receiving International attention for its focus on carbon capture: “CCS: Bridge to a Cleaner Energy Future.”

Keynote speaker Richard Gephardt, former House Democratic Leader, addressed the alliance on the need for a national energy and climate plan. Conference participants also heard from Ian MacGregor, President and CEO of North West Refinery, on his firm’s groundbreaking Sturgeon Refinery project; Peter Philips, labor economist, on construction manpower trends; and Damian Beauchamp, principal chemist at 8 Rivers Capital, on NET Power’s highly acclaimed Allam Cycle demonstration project that produces emissions-free electricity using fossil fuels.

Please refer to the meeting minutes, conference videos and photo gallery for additional information.

The 34th Annual Conference will take place in Myrtle Beach August 26 – 28, 2019.

2018 Presenters

Ian MacGregor, Chairman & CEO, NW Refining, Inc.
Dick Gephardt, President & CEO, Gephardt Government Affairs
Damian Beauchamp, Principal and Chemist, 8 Rivers Capital, LLC
Dr. Peter Philips, Professor of Economics, The University of Utah
Mike Snowden, Executive Director-BSO, Bank of Labor
Rich Greenwell, Consultant, Sterling Boiler & Mechanical, LLC
Jason Schmidt, Manager of Technical Services, Lincoln Electric Company
Dina Cipollaro-Beck, Trainer, Fundamental Training Solutions
Ron Traxler, Executive Director, National Association of Construction Boilermaker Employers
Tripartite Success Story
John Fultz, IBB
Michael Murphy, Sr., Vice President & General Manager; Nooter Construction Company
Jim Chew, Local 28

2018 NTA Photo Gallery

Conference Opening

President’s Address

Charles W. Jones Award

2018 Materials

Day 2 Minutes