Northwest Ohio-GLCA

The Northwest Ohio Great Lakes Construction Alliance is an Owner-driven group that facilitates discussion with labor and management to address the needs owners have in constructing and maintaining facilities. The Alliance serves Ohio and its neighboring states and maintains working policies and programs associated with absenteeism, substance abuse and safety.

Riding the success of the Substance Abuse Program, MOST launched a similar project that reaches out to the NW Ohio GLCA – which the Boilermakers are a part of – to assist this service craft organization with the same high standard of drug screening.

For more information regarding the program please refer the following contacts:

Todd Michaelson – 419-666-6040
NW Ohio GLCA Administrator

Kelly Nordin – 419-241-3601
NW Ohio GLCA Finance Officer

Smitty Minton – 877-522-6869
MOST Offices

Supporting information and forms associated with this program can be found below.
NW Ohio GLCA – Substance Abuse Policy
NW Ohio GLCA – Approved Collection Sites
NW Ohio GLCA – Drug/Alcohol Screen Consent Form
NW Ohio GLCA – MRO Instruction Guide
NWO Participating Contractors
MOST Field Guidelines for Supervisors
MOST Field Observation Sheet for Supervisors
NW Ohio GLCA – Employer Registration Form