Live The Code

The Boilermaker Code may be the most important survival tool since the inception of the MOST programs. I am so glad to see that we are addressing an issue that has cost us untold man-hours and dollars.” ~ Melvin P. Coomer, L-374 (retired) lumbung88

Owners invite Boilermakers onto a job site to do work they are trained to do. How they work – including their behavior and attitudes projected while on a job site – affects this partner relationship.

Boilermakers once thought Owners couldn’t survive without them. This mindset, coupled with the actions of a few, drove Owners to find alternate solutions. The outcome led to a marked decline in Boilermaker man-hours and fractured relationships.

Through MOST and the National Tripartite Alliance, safety is recognized as critical to all involved and programs provide a safer, more skilled craftsman. This same commitment now extends to behavior and culture with the introduction of The Boilermaker Code.

The Code examines Boilermaker actions and attitudes both past and present, from the inside out. Introduced during the 29th Annual National Tripartite Alliance Conference and recently approved as a MOST program, The Boilermaker Code educates Boilermakers on how the consequences of inappropriate actions by a few, impact their collective future. Boilermakers have always paved the way for others. Today, we work safer with improved attitudes and skills, and increased respect and pride for a job well done. Our whole approach to the craft has changed.

The Boilermaker Code and the “Live the Code” program affirm accountability for actions and the commitment to eliminate negative behavior in the organization. It provides Boilermakers with clear direction on conduct, reinforces value to their partners and declares an expectation for excellence.