Non-Permanent Grandfathering Period on MBDS

As of January 4, 2016, the Non-Permanent Grandfathering period for the Primary and Secondary out-of-work lists has expired in accordance with Articles and 5.2.2 of the Uniform Referral Standards and the Joint Referral Rules, and the previous extensions. ALL Grandfathered Applicants who do not meet the requirements of Article 5.1.1 by this date are ineligible for referral. Click on the documents below for more information and to see how the adjustments and re-ranking will take place.

Memo to all US CSO Business Managers regarding the Application of the Expiration of the Non-Permanent Grandfathering Period on the MBDS (dated December 4, 2015).

Memo to all US Construction Lodge Business Manager and Local Joint Referral Rules Committee regarding Non-Permanent Grandfathering Period Expiration (dated December 18,2015).