MOST – The Boilermaker Advantage

Until the 1980s, getting hurt on the job was a risk everyone accepted.

Today, safety means all Boilermakers come home at the end of every shift. It means our training has to be second to none. It means responsibility and accountability must be ingrained in all of us. It means we must partner with Owners and Contractors to solve real problems and identify solutions that deliver productivity and efficiencies. The MOST Trust brings The Boilermaker Advantage to the table. American Electric Power’s Tom Householder explains how advantageous MOST truly is. hoki188

“MOST creates a better value for Owners by strengthening our industry and making the Boilermakers viable for the future.”

Since 1989, MOST has worked with a tripartite of Owners, Contractors and Boilermakers to develop programs that allow our members to work safer, with better attitudes and skills, and increased respect and pride for a job well done.

Seventeen distinct programs currently compose MOST and contribute to The Boilermaker Advantage. These programs promote our safe work practices, build proficiency, ensure our skills are at the highest level, create highly qualified field leaders, and reinforce our expectation for excellence. According to Greg Purdon, Enerfab, Inc., MOST continues to deliver value.

“MOST allows the best minds in the industry to come together and develop programs to ultimately create value, which is extremely important. An example of that is found in The Boilermaker Code, the most recent program from MOST. The Boilermaker Code is a game changer in our industry, and I’m proud to be a part of this network.”

The collective results of the MOST programs make our jobs safer and more cost effective, and bring Boilermakers together on job sites in critical times, truly defining The Boilermaker Advantage.