Kansas City Hosts Field Leadership Train-the-Trainer Class

On August 30 and August 31, 2016, MOST offered its 2-day, Field Leadership Train-the-Trainer class in Kansas City, Kansas.  Available through the MOST Leadership Program,  Field Leadership training is designed to have one union instructor and one contractor instructor teach the class to Boilermakers who desire to learn leadership skill sets enabling them to be better prepared to work as a foreman, assistant foreman & craft supervisor.  This August Train-the-Trainer class was conducted by MOST instructors Tony Smarra and Jay Brophy.

In addition the Boilermaker and Contractor participants, MOST welcomed Chad Jones, a First Energy representative, who observed the training and offered points of view from an owner’s perspective.  All individuals interested in obtaining this training should contact their Local Lodge to see when the next class is scheduled or visit our training page.

Pictured above: TOP: Scott Baines, L45; Chad Jones, First Energy; Daniel Brown, L45; Timothy Squire, L502; Tony Smarra, MOST; Gerald Calvert, L83; Christopher Mills, L647  MIDDLE: Tom Burgess, L83; Robert Simmons, L108; Christopher Wicks, Barton-Malow; Jay Brophy Jr., Shelby Mechanical/L28; Stacey Bendish, L647; Scott Whittemore, CB&I/L647; Bryon Bistodeau, L647; Royce Schiller Olson, L647; Dave Englund, L11; Tim Rollins, L433  BOTTOM: Cranford Kemp, L433; Luke Lafley, L242; Don Fajardo, L169; Matthew Fink, L13; Matt Champion, L108; Dave King, L242; Ron Hammond, L85; Mike Moreno, L627; Jay Brophy Sr., MOST