The Boilermaker Code – what people are saying

Boilermakers and invited guests nationwide have been participating in our Boilermaker Code training since September 2015. The training reinforces responsible and accountable behavior on and off the job site.  It not only enhances workforce safety and performance, but it also strengthens the partnership among the union, owners and contractors.  Since that first training class, the feedback from the training has been overwhelmingly positive.


Every module that was presented talked about not only the Boilermakers, but it also talked about the contractor and the owner. The message I got out of it was that we’re partners and we all have to succeed. ~ Glenn Miltenberger, Operations Manager, Paradise Project

I think the Boilermaker Code training will be very good for us as a union. It takes the whole term brotherhood and actually puts meaning behind it, giving people something to refer back to. ~ Michael U. Brockmann, Local 5, Zone 5

The Boilermaker Code training helps our younger generation understand that just because we made mistakes in the past doesn’t mean we have to keep making them. We need to learn from them and build on them and push forward with the right processes. ~ Danny Watson, BM-ST, Local 45

“McManamonKnowledge is power, and if you take a little bit of knowledge from every class, you’re powerful. – James McManamon, Local 74

A class like this is important for the membership because it gives us an idea of how to act on the job to have a successful career. ~ Jon Miller, Local 11

Something has to guide the new generation to move from the old ways to the news ways, and I think this program is absolutely what’s needed to give that guiding direction to us new guys. ~ Joey Prince, Local 69

Everybody should attend this training. What we do every day is dangerous. We should conduct ourselves as professionals. We get paid to be professionals. ~ Mark James, Local 237

I believe the information provided in the code training class is spot on with the issues that all of us have either heard of, participated in or seen in our areas. ~ Blaine Tom, BM-ST, Local 107

The Boilermaker Code training gives you more insight into what the contractor has to deal with from his side of the fence. ~ John Paulouski, Jr., Local 667

“LopezThis is what we need to start doing. Every day. Live the code. – Frank Lopez, Local 92

It is amazing to watch the members’ attitude change from skeptical to positive during the code training. ~ Clay Herford, BM-ES, Lone Star District Lodge

I cannot overstate how impressed I was the program. The combination of PowerPoint slides and videos led to a lot of candid discussions. The Boilermakers have decided to start — day-by-day, member-by-member — earning back the trust of the marketplace through deliberate changes to member behaviors and attitudes. ~ Pat O’Connor, Labor Relations, CB&I

This class was a good thing for me to attend because it showed me my attitude was wrong. I got to thinking about the money I’ve missed out on with the pension and maybe put other hands in a bind for me not being there when I should have been there, much less the cost to the contractor on the job. ~ Journeyman, Local 45