Tripartite Caucus Working Groups

A tripartite is three entities working together for a common goal. The MOST Tripartite of Owners, Contractors, and Boilermakers collectively identify issues plaguing our industry and find solutions that move the industry forward. The most pressing issues are voiced during the annual National Tripartite Alliance (NTA) Conference Caucus Sessions. To ensure we review the effectiveness of MOST programs and address our most critical issues, the 2016 NTA Conference introduced an audience response system.

Each individual session evaluated a selection of MOST Programs as they apply to the three Tripartite partner entities and to the Boilermaker construction industry as a whole. Then, the groups acknowledged and ranked the most critical issues they believed we are facing today. This analysis (found in the Caucus Reports) formed the basis of three Working Groups each challenged with seeking solutions for one of the following issues impacting the Boilermaker construction industry:

On-going progress reports, as well as the final outcomes, will be available on the respective Working Group pages noted above.