Three Decades of Cooperation and Progress

In 1985, the Boilermakers and industry partners established a formal tripartite relationship at the national level (now the National Tripartite Alliance) which was inspired by a regional partnership in the Ohio Valley. Reflecting on the NTA’s remarkable successes, International President Newton B. Jones stated, “What other Labor/Contractor/Owner relationship can you point to that has endured so long and accomplished so much?” President Jones recognized the tripartite gathering as “more than an annual meeting; it is a relationship that is clearly in our best interests.”

This year we acknowledge the 30th anniversary Annual MOST Tripartite Conference and recognize the transformative achievements that have grown out of these events. By focusing on enhancing safety, leadership, productivity and quality, these meetings promote true cooperation and a real commitment to the success of our collective future.

Just as a three-legged stool cannot stand if one leg is missing, our Tripartite Alliance cannot function without the participation of all three partners. We are fortunate to have engaged and committed partners that allow us to continue the development of industry-leading programs that meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Here’s to the next 30 years of strong relationships and success as we strive to create a future that is better for our craft and our industry.