2015 NTA Conference

International President, Newton B. JonesDuring the 2015 National Tripartite Alliance Conference participants took a look back at the genesis of the alliance, its achievements over 30 years, and the potential impact of the newest MOST program, The Boilermaker Code.

In his opening address, International President Newton B. Jones shared how the tripartite alliance and MOST became the model upon which the Building and Construction Trades Department and other trades developed their own programs. He said the entire construction industry has benefited from the groundbreaking achievements spearheaded by the Boilermakers and their partner Owners and Contractors. Jones went on to note the tripartite led to a paradigm shift away from the old adversarial relationships that got in the way of progress.

Jones discussed major challenges the alliance has faced, describing how key programs like Common ArcSubstance AbuseOSHA 10/30 and others have achieved incredible efficiencies and major safety improvements. He said new programs also hold great promise for continuing advances, citing the Boilermaker Delivery System and The Boilermaker Code.

The 30th Annual MOST Tripartite Alliance Conference went on despite extreme weather conditions in Myrtle Beach, SC, October 5 -7, 2015. While the storms led to the cancellation of several speakers, it did not dampen the spirit among conference participants, as Owners, Contractors and Boilermakers gathered on the occasion of our 30th anniversary to continue the important work for our industry.

Please refer to the Conference excerpts, meeting minutes, video gallery and photo gallery below to obtain a recap of the conversations and information shared during the Conference.

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