Boilermaker Delivery System

The Boilermaker Delivery System is a centralized, web-based portal that connects our three main entities: the local hiring halls, Boilermaker applicants and signatory Contractors. The system offers real-time applicant availability, project opportunity and manpower demands.

blockquote-imageAs an online tool, the Boilermaker Delivery System connects Boilermakers, owners and contractors with real-time availability, project opportunities and manpower demands.

Within the system, Boilermakers can post their availability and register on the Travelers Pool, which allows applicants to pick what locals they would like to work in and eliminates the need to travel great distances to sign out-of-work lists. They can also review their welding certifications, other qualifications and their referral history/referral records.

In the same respect, Contractors can view and request travelers list applicants by name and skill level, and have web-based access to submit job orders, receive manpower referrals and termination submissions. International and local lodges use this centralized system to electronically receive and process Contractor job orders and termination slips, dispatch system job applicants, maintain applicant data and referral history and invoke penalties as required.

The Boilermaker Delivery System enhances the daily management of the Boilermaker craft and helps eliminate absenteeism and job-hopping.

Please refer to the “Referral Applicant Notice,” which contains directions for applicants wishing to register on the Boilermaker Delivery System. Questions regarding the Uniform Referral Standards and Joint Referral Rules or referral applicant registrations should be directed to your local lodge.

Access the Boilermaker Delivery System