Recruitment Program

Man-hour demands in 2001 and 2002, resulted in the International Brotherhood increasing construction Boilermakers by 10,000 members. Keeping the pipelines open for new Boilermakers and addressing surges in job growth, the Recruitment Program was created to introduce potential Boilermakers to the trade. Recruiters – all OSHA 500 instructors – are available to discuss opportunities and provide direction for potential recruits.

Today, we find ourselves with a similar demand for man-hours. At the regional level, the Boilermakers maintain a targeted recruitment program within the Boilermaker Delivery System. Potential construction worker recruits can now enroll with the opportunity to:

  • Make good wages with excellent benefits
  • Retain insurance when changing contractors following outages
  • Build retirements that follow them from job-to-job

It takes only a minute to register, and all registered users can return at any time to view and update their information and certifications. A MOST Training Representative and the respective local lodge will vet all registered recruits. There are exciting job opportunities and we are looking for a qualified workforce to start right away.

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