MOST Bids Administrator Roger Erickson a Fond Farewell

International President Newton B. Jones formally announced the retirement of MOST Administrator Roger Erickson during the 2015 National Tripartite Alliance Conference. Accompanied by a standing ovation for his years of service, Jones congratulated him, stating, “I think everybody here respects the job you’ve done; I know I do. Thank you for the heart and energy you’ve put into your role.”

roger erickson retires as MOST administrator
Erickson (third from the left) celebrates his retirement with (from left) Bill Palmisano (MOST Administrator 1993 – 2011), IBB IP Newton B. Jones, and the current Administrator Skipper Branscum.

Erickson began his life as a Boilermaker in 1973 after spending two years at the University of Central Missouri. He quickly caught “Boilermaker fever” and the part-time job turned into a life-long career. After twenty years of field employment, he was asked by the business manager of his home local (Local 83) to provide support and assume the role of dispatcher and assistant business agent.

As time went on, Erickson assumed more leadership roles including business agent, president and business manager for Local 83, where he served an additional eight years.

In 2012, Erickson (then a MOST Safety Representative) accepted the position of MOST Administrator and oversaw the organization’s programs and efforts to ensure a trained and qualified Boilermaker workforce. Erickson’s tenure as Administrator also included the launch of the latest two MOST Programs: The Boilermaker Delivery System and The Boilermaker Code.

Erickson served as MOST Administrator until February 2016. Dale “Skipper” Branscum, II currently holds the position.