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Boilermakers Seek Experienced Welders

FOR IMMDEDIATE RELEASE Kansas City, KS (September 1, 2015) — The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers announced today its Construction Division has an increasing need for experienced welders nationwide due to expanded project opportunities. Boilermakers in this division are engaged in constructing, maintaining and repairing: coal-fired, natural … read more

Live The Code

Live The Code

“The Boilermaker Code may be the most important survival tool since the inception of the MOST programs. I am so glad to see that we are addressing an issue that has cost us untold man-hours and dollars.” ~ Melvin P. Coomer, L-374 (retired) lumbung88 Owners … read more

MOST Programs

May Program Notes

The National Joint Rules and Standards Committee amended the Uniform Referral Standards and Joint Referral Rules applicable to all U.S. Construction Lodge Joint Referral Rules effective June 1, 2015. The Committee amended the Rules to now require the removal of an applicant from the local … read more

BMWC Constructors 60th Anniversary Image

BMWC Constructors, Inc. Celebrates 60th Anniversary

MOST congratulates BMWC Constructors, Inc. (BMWC) on its 60th anniversary. Since opening its doors in Indianapolis, IN on April 15, 1955, BMWC has become one of North America’s largest and most respected industrial construction contractors. BMWC, along with its subsidiaries & affiliated companies, provides industrial and commercial … read more

Drug Testing

Annual Drug Testing Reinstated

Effective August 31, 2015, the MOST Board of Trustees has amended the Drug Policy to include annual testing. All eligible Boilermakers for referral on the MBDS who do not comply with the new policy by that date will move to the ineligible list until a negative drug screen has … read more

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