Real Results

"The advantage that the MOST OSHA 10/30 Program provides is immeasurable. We continue to see safety performance improve and are thankful for the Boilermakers who take their own time to train and demonstrate a commitment to working safely."George Farah, Vice President, Generation Projects, FirstEnergy Corp

Real Results

“The Boilermaker Code may be the most important survival tool since the inception of the MOST programs. I am so glad to see that we are addressing an issue that has cost us untold man-hours and dollars.”

Melvin P. Coomer, L-374 (retired)

Real Results

“MOST allows the best minds in the industry to come together and develop programs to ultimately create value, which is extremely important. An example of that is found in The Boilermaker Code, the most recent program from MOST. The Boilermaker Code is a game changer in our industry, and I’m proud to be a part of this network.”

Greg Purdon, Chief Executive Office, Enerfab Power & Industrial

Latest News

2017 Charles W. Jones Award recipient Local 4

Local 4 Receives 2017 Charles W. Jones Award

During the 2017 National Tripartite Alliance Conference, International President Newton B. Jones formally presented the Charles W. Jones Award to Local Lodge 4 (Page, Arizona). Louis Dodson, Jr., business manager/secretary-treasurer for the local, accepted the award on behalf of the lodge. Recently elected to his … read more

MOST Programs

Urgent Referral Amendments Effective December 2016

The National Joint Rules and Standards Committee has amended the Uniform Referral Standards and Joint Referral Rules applicable to all U.S. Construction Lodge Joint Referral Rules effective December 15, 2016. These Amendments apply to Article 5 Registration. A letter distributed all U.S. Construction Lodge Business Managers … read more

Employee verification hotline to be removed

The MOST Board of Trustees has voted to discontinue the use of the IVR server in the MOST office because it is no longer supported.  This service will terminate on Friday, June 30, 2017. Information that was previously accessible via the IVR — including the Employee Verification … read more

Boilermakers Receive Code Training Testimonial

On August 17, 2016, Local 1 (Chicago, Illinois) hosted Boilermaker Code training for members and invited guests. Among the participants were Eddie Downs, midwest regional director for CB&I and Patrick O’Connor, labor relations for CB&I. The class was led by John Skermont, Patrick Gallagher and … read more

Boilermaker Code Focuses on Cultural Shift

Late last year, the Boilermakers union, through its MOST safety and training trust, launched a program designed to fundamentally change the culture of the organization in the construction industry. The Boilermaker Code is our union’s commitment to elevating the attitudes and behaviors of Boilermakers to … read more


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Creating a culture of excellence begins with acknowledging the mistakes of the past and providing a code for all Boilermakers. We’re a skilled craft committed to safety on job sites, and not only do we demand it of ourselves, we demand it of those with whom we stand shoulder-to-shoulder.

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