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The MOST OSHA 10/30 Program Emphasizes a safe work environment and reduces liability issues for owners and contractors.
The MOST Common Arc Program Establishes welding criteria that allows the Boilermaker welder to maintain certification.
The MOST Boilermaker Reserves Program A central database that is easily accessible and highlights the need for skilled Boilermakers.
The MOST Substance Abuse Program The industry standard in drug testing and screening.
The MOST Verification Program A national database providing access to a Boilermaker's training and certifications 24 hours per day, seven days a week.
The MOST Safety Eyewear Program Reduces the number of costly eye injuries by providing access to free prescription safety glasses for qualified Boilermakers.
The MOST Internship Program Establishes opportunities for owners and contractors to find and employ college graduates in the safety field.
The MOST Scaffolding Program A three level program that trains and re-trains Boilermakers on scaffold erection and dismantling.
The MOST Steel Erection Program Provides training to erect steel safely and competently.
The MOST Forecasting Program Regionally and nationally forecasts project manpower needs and demand.
The MOST Project Management Program Training program that educates future leaders of the trade to professionally manage tomorrows projects.
The MOST Leadership Program Provides training for supervisors on administrative responsibilities, people skills and the business aspect of our trade.
The MOST Recruitment Program Provides qualified, well-trained and safety conscious Boilermakers when needed during peak manpower needs.
The MOST Rigging Program Highlights the hazards associated with rigging on the job site while providing pre-job training and a qualified Boilermaker.
The MOST Boilermaker Delivery System The centralized, web based system that eliminates absenteeism and job hopping.